Latest News On COVID

Dear Friends & Members

I am pleased to announce that the October Concert on Monday 12th with Steve Hubble WILL take place. A recent meeting of the Venue committee has given the go ahead based on the safety procedures they have put in place in the venue which have been in operation for some time now.

We are required to vacate the premises by 10.00 pm so we will be starting early, promptly at 7.00pm. We will break for 15 mins at 8.00 pm and finish at 9.15 pm.

The following corona virus procedures will be in operation.

1. Please wear a face covering when entering the building or moving around within the building. You may remove the covering when seated.

2 Please follow the directional arrows when entering/ leaving or moving around within the building. Remember to sign in with your vehicle registration!

3 Please use the hand sanitisers which are in place.

4 Tables are set out with correct spacing , please do not move tables or over populate them.

5 Table service will be provided by the staff, please do not approach the bar directly. Payment may be by cash or contactless card.

6 Entrance fee is £5 cash only, raffle tickets £1 per strip. Please try to have correct money to reduce hand contact.

7 Steve Hubble will have CD's for sale, please maintain correct distance and use face covering when speaking with Steve.

8 Tea and coffee service will not be provided by us, we do not know who may be available to assist with serving and the restrictions applied will make it very difficult to provide the service.

9 We do not know how many people will attend, we think maybe 30 to a max of 40, if all goes well and Boris doesn't change anything we expect to see Brett Wales in November and Elizabeth Harrison in December.

Hope to see some of you Monday but fully understand those who are isolating or still nervous of crowds - there are obviously still a lot of idiots around who do not consider what they may be doing when they are out (but not our members!)

Alan Lamberton