Latest News On COVID

Hello again to all friends and members of Felixstowe Electronic Organ Club. I hope you are all well and have avoided any Covid symptoms or even any other ailments! The news on our concerts is that unfortunately we have cancelled our July concert. I have been keeping in touch with our venue and they are trying to prepare to open for the 4th July, they are currently re-arranging chairs and tables etc and doing all the preliminary work for opening. I think that I cannot be absolutely sure they will be ready for us and at the moment I don't know how many people will be allowed in our concert room. There is also a possibility that I will not be able to be there because I may be isolating following a minor operation so the committee team will be short staffed. It would appear that we may be able to carry on with the August concert with Michael Wooldridge and I would be interested to know how many people might attend that concert. Could you please reply to this email or via the Felixstowe Organ Club Website with a simple YES I will probably come or NO I don't think I will come - it may be that some people will think it is great to get back while others may think it is too early and perhaps not safe. If I can get some idea of possible numbers it may help with the re-arrangement of the hall and seating. Thank you for your assistance, stay safe and I hope to see you all soon.


Alan Lamberton