John Cooper

John showed interest in music at the age of 11 when his dad and sister attended music lessons, playing the electronic organ. It wasn’t long before they realised that John had an ear for music. He would often come home after their lesson and play the tune that they were learning before them, without the aid of music. You would often catch John balancing on one leg so he could play the pedals, although it wasn't long before he was tall enough to reach them while sitting on the organ stool. John then had lessons and was often put forward into Yamaha Electone festivals where he was successful in getting to the the England finals. He would take his inspiration from players such as Glyn Madden and Max Takano. At the age of 16 he left school and was teaching classes for the Yamaha music school. He also had an active part in demonstrating keyboards, pianos and the then top of the range organ Yamaha EL90, which was his dream to one day own. Sadly that was never to happen as finances were never that good. John got married at the age of 21 but as money was needed he was forced to sell his beloved Yamaha HS6, this turned into a Fiat Panda! He then only kept up with music by teaching the keyboard, but always missed the enjoyment of playing the organ. Sixteen years later and now John has his ultimate dream organ, the Yamaha EL900m. John has always prided himself on making the organ sound like a full orchestra, big band or traditional organ, the EL900m has allowed him to do just this. He spends time on making his arrangements unique and full of feeling, he uses his own rhythms to add that personal touch and never uses multi-tracking as he believes in playing the organ live making it also entertaining to watch. John has put together a concert that he feels has something for everyone from modern day to past classics. As an added bonus a screen and projector system can be provided on request at no extra cost. Please visit my website for audio clips. News update :- As of 2016 John has be touring the UK with the new Yamaha Stagea ELS 02c. John is enjoying performing on this powerful instrument and using it to its full potential, LIVE! This is the new Electone from Yamaha and not available in the UK it was purchased through

  • Date: 09/03/2020 07:30 PM
  • Location: Trade & Labour Club, Felixstowe IP11 1BB (Map)

Price: £6.00