Felixstowe Electronic Organ Club Concerts

September Concert is Cancelled

Let the music live inside of you


We meet on the second Monday of each month at 7.30 until 10 pm (except December - first Monday at 7 pm) at the Felixstowe Trade & Labour Club, High Road West, Felixstowe IP11 1BB.

We have two hours of musical entertainment provided by nationally and internationally recognised organists and keyboard players.

The music covers all tastes - West End, Film Themes, Classical, Folk, Ballad, Pop & Rock.

Refreshments and a bar are available.

Plenty of car parking space (enter your car registration on the terminal in the entrance hall).

Entrance £6.  December is £12 by ticket only and includes a buffet.

Latest News On COVID

Hello again to all friends of FEOC. It is time for the next episode of the Covid Concert Saga. The Felixstowe Trade and Labour Club is now hosting various meetings in the Function room and they have social distancing in place in the main bar and a one way system for the entrance, exit and toilets and sanitisers in place for use by visitors. I believe they can accommodate approximately 100 people in the Function room with the tables socially spaced. We are possibly at a point where we can recommence our concerts. Unfortunately at the time of our 14th September concert I will be in isolation in preparation for a minor operation on the 16th. In discussion with the committee and the Trade and Labour Club it is thought that it would be better if I were available for the first concert under the new procedures. Your committee has therefore decided to cancel the September concert with Chris Stanbury and look forward to hopefully presenting Steve Hubble at our October concert. You will recall that in a previous message I asked that members respond with a note to let me know how many might be likely to attend our first concert. Of the 25 people who receive these emails 5 people were kind enough to reply with yes - no. I would appreciate it if you could respond to this email with a yes no for the October concert so that we may make adequate provision for providing sanitisers or face coverings if required. I hope you are all keeping well and look forward to seeing you all again at one of our concerts. We now have a possible 3 concerts before closure, Steve Hubble, Brett Wales and Elisabeth Harrison - lets make the most of 3 of our best entertainers to sign off with.

Alan Lamberton

A Message From Our Chairman

This is a reminder that the April concert has been cancelled and we have now cancelled the May concert with David Ingley. I will cancel other concerts only when necessary and if the venue is closed. Our entertainers rely on our concerts for their living and we must try to operate our concerts if at all possible. Please try to keep up to date by visiting our website for information. Please contact your friends and advise them of the cancellations, I only have a few email addresses.

The following text is from the recent edition of Organ and Keyboard Cavalcade and kindly provided by Michael Wooldridge. If you miss our concerts you may enjoy some of the programmes he has listed below.


First of all, some that offer weekly programmes, strangely mainly of theatre organ music, past and present, so as well as the new programmes each week, you can often enjoy hundreds of hours from earlier editions:

Monday - Pandemic Prescription Podcast - An extra programme each week from The Organist Encores team until the end of the lock-down - www.organistencores.com

Wednesday - Scottish Cinema Organ Trust present their 'S.C.O.T Soirées' - A series of specially recorded broadcasts concerts by top name players - www.scotwurlitzer.com/soiree

Thursday - The Organist Encores Podcast - A regular weekly programme from the talented team of Damon Cox, Nigel Ogden & John Leeming, who present favourite recordings and sometimes specially recorded broadcasts - www.organistencores.com

Then there are all of these sites to try:

Community Keyboards - One of the best and longest established programmes, presented by Ian Wolstenholme and including electronic and theatre organ music and celebrity interviews - www.communitykeyboards.com

American Theatre Organ Society Radio - The finest theatre organ recordings from all around the world, 24 hours a day - https://atosradio.org/atosradio/landings.html

Hot Pipes Podcast & Broadcast - Regular weekly programmes and back catalogue from Steve Ashley - www.hotpipes.eu

Organ1st Radio - A monthly hour long podcast of recordings old and new, presented by the organ world's mine of information, Alan Ashton. Also from here you can follow links to Alan's 'Gramrphone' YouTube channel, which has dozens of entertaining and informative organ related videos - www.organradio.com

A few more YouTube Channels well worth checking out are:

OrganMusicYT - A channel on which you will find dozens, maybe hundreds, of theatre organ videos

Compton Lodge Studios - Over a thousand videos to watch!

Mike Bracchi - Mike used to own an organ shop through some of the most exciting days of the organ trade. Now retired, he is a veritable wealth of information about electronic organs throughout the ages and his YouTube page has around 300 videos featuring brilliant electronic organ music, with videos themed around certain instruments or players, and other videos that are complete albums or compilations from the world's very finest electronic organ players through the ages. There are some very exciting and inspirational recordings amongst them.

Of course, many musicians have clips (plus other interesting information) on their own websites, which you'll usually be able to find by entering their names in to your search engine. Mine are at http://www.michaelwooldridge.co.uk/samples.htm


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